What happens post-campaign?

Recently you would have seen a few of our campaigns finish and rather than be extending they have new creative applied. So what happens to the old campaign?

Now before we start lets break down the components of a campaign; Trailer curtain, Rear vinyl and a GPS tracker. Now obviously you have the option of different formats when you pick your campaign, removed resources are all different so a rear campaign only has the rear vinyl and a GPS tracker etc.

Once we understand what makes up a campaign, let’s look at the options when it comes to renewal. You can renew and extend your existing campaign, you can relaunch with new creative and replace the advertising material, you can temporarily stop your campaign and store the advertising material, great for seasonal campaigns. Unfortunately, the rear vinyl once removed cannot be replaced, so a new rear will need to be printed. Or finally, the last option which very rarely happens stop the campaign completely.

Using the example of the #DerbyUniLorries creative, let’s follow what happens when you replace your existing campaign with new creative.

Stage 1: What’s happening next
Communication with customer starts several months before the need of the campaign around the next stages; Renewal, new campaign, store or remove. As we’ve already established The University of Derby opted to update their creative.

Stage 2: Establish renewal date
As per the customer’s request work is started on the new campaign, a rough replacement date is set and a timeline established. Due dates, processes etc. This makes it clear the dates we’re aiming for and what we need when.

Stage 3: Installation Day
New advertising material delivered to site prior to installation, installation crews turn up on the day and the truck booked to have the new creative applied.

Each element of the campaign removed and replaced;

GPS Tracker – Redeployed to new University of Derby Campaign on the existing truck

Rear Vinyl – Unable to be recycled removed and disposed of (usually on site). We’re always looking to be greener, so this may change in the future

Trailer curtain – Removed to DrivenMedia’s office, for next stage.

Stage 4: Prepare for recycling or re-use.
Depending on the clients request the curtains are prepared for the next stage. This involves removing the buckles, which are either stored as replacements for existing campaigns or sold for use commercial on fleets across the world.

Recycled curtains have two options;
They can be turned into bags or other fashion accessories by manufacturer Freitag. Find out more about this process here.- Freitag

Or they can be recycled into wear bands for new and existing curtains (reducing the wear on the martial caused by the bottom of the cargo area (the Rave) or used to repair damage caused by cargo thief’s slashing curtains. Either way, the campaign is unrecognisable.

Reused curtains again have a couple of options;
They can be donated to a refugee campaign, increasing the PR value after the campaign has finished. Trailer curtains make brilliant shelters because they’re weatherproof and very hard wearing.

Either that or they are reused locally by golf clubs, sailing clubs or other sports clubs as coverings etc. With reusing the curtains your campaign is still visible.