Digital Out Of Home and Truck Advertising
DOOH and Truck Advertising
Is The Samsung Safety Truck leading the way in digital truck advertising?

There’s no doubt bringing the DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising revolution to truck advertising and would completely change the way this medium is bought and sold.

Advertisers could get their adverts to display in certain locations, during specific weather or traffic conditions or even at certain times of the day. Not to mention adverts could change instantly at a click of a button, saving on installation costs – it could be done via the web.

However, there are a few hurdles to overcome before this can happen, namely;

  • Cost

Digital advertising screens are expensive and the bespoke needs we have will only increase this further. Don’t forget we will also need insurance against damage, specialist cleaning supplies among many other things.

Once the other issues are sorted, we will bear the cost and see what happens. But this is likely to be 3-5 years away.

  • Power

Moving onto power, digital screens are power hungry and most don’t have the problem there moving. Most of our trailers are unpowered and we don’t want to add to the running costs of the haulier (or we might not have any trucks to put them on).

Currently, our solution involves either batteries or solar panels, which increase the cost of installation.

  • Weight

Added weight means more fuel, again we don’t want to burden our hauliers with extra costs and we’ve got to think about the planet too. The lighter the panel will be the better the adoption.

The weight of panels is falling constantly, it won’t be long till this isn’t an issue.

  • Durability

The road is a dangerous place if you’re a digital billboard, small particles blocking up your vents, larger ones hitting you at full speed. We need signs that can stand what the road throws at it. They also need to withstand an accident, forklifts and of course the weather.

  • Communication

We will need to communicate with our billboards, to update live campaigns at all time, to update geofences and of course record where they are. There’s a chance we can combine our GPS trackers with the digital billboard, saving costs but adding to the power needs of the sign.

  • Cleaning

The road is dirty and they need to stay clean. Water just won’t cut it. It also needs to be easy for our haulage partners to complete.

Overall DOOH in truck advertising is a few years away, but it’s coming and it’s exciting!Watch this space! We will keep you updated on any developments.