Behind the Scenes -
Artificial Flush Rears Installation

Last week, Ed joined the team at Magneta Signs on the latest Artificial Flush Rear installation at Nottingham to learn about the process and report back to you with a step by step guide of how it’s done.

Step 1: Clean

The road is a dirty place, the truck is given a deep clean to remove dirt, grease and dust.

Extra care is taken on the points where mountings look to be installed.

In order to reach those difficult locations, a scaffolding is installed around the rear of the truck.

Step 2: Install Mounting

A lightweight mounting is installed around the edge of each door, raised just above the trailer bars for the advert to be mounted onto at a later point.

These a bolted into the doors to ensure the safety of the structure and of other road users.

Step 3: Position Advertising

The advertising boards are temporarily installed to measure up any alterations.

One board is preprinted with the advertising material whilst the other is wrapped at a later point to ensure a precision join.

Step 4: Mount Advertising

The boards are now permanently installed onto the back of the truck, the pre-printed board is installed first followed by the other which is being wrapped.

After installation, a cut will be made to move the lower section onto a visible panel.

This also strengthens the lower part of the installation as this is the area most susceptible to damage.

Step 5: Make Final Adjustments

First impressions are everything, the join is perfected so to the motorist following behind the adverts it’s easy to read making the impact much greater.

There is nothing worse than an advert that isn’t readable and doesn’t portray the correct message.

Finished Advert

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