How do I know when my campaigns on the road?

Accountability for your campaign is key and there are two ways to answer this, it depends on when you’re asking; Pre or Post Launch.

Pre-Launch: You’ll be giving an installation date or dates, for when your campaigns going to be installed on your chosen trailers. Once we’re done putting your brand on each trailer you’ll get a picture confirming that they’re on then it’s down to each haulier when they unleash your advertising to the UK. Normally next working day.

The quickest we’ve had is 6 minutes, that’s right we finished, handed the trailer back, a cab was attached and off it went.

Post Launch: All of our advertising trailers have they’re own GPS tracker installed on the trailer, which means as an advertiser you can log into our portal and see where you adverts are any time. Follow your campaign across the UK. A lot of our advertisers get obsessed with seeing where they’re going.

We’ve been told by one of our advertisers they ran an office bet, each member of staff would guess where it was going each morning, closest each evening had a drink on their colleagues at Friday drinks.

Plus every month you’ll get a report that details everywhere each trailer been over the last month, broken down week by week.

We provide accountable campaigns for all our clients.