Our Haulage Partner:
DTS Logistics

Your entrusting your brand to our haulage partners, which is why we thought you should get an insight into who they are.

One of our most recent fleets to join DrivenMedia is DTS logistics, based in Cramlington, Northumberland in the North East of England.

We spoke to Dan Hargreaves from DTS to find out more;

  • What made you want to offer the space on DTS’s fleet for advertising?

“DTS is currently mid-way through our FORS accreditation, we have recently been awarded “Silver” standard.

When we took on the FORS compliance we didn’t do it just to get more work from other sources. We did it to strengthen the brand and to promote an accreditation that ultimately makes road transport safer, more economical and adds to its sustainability. Adding additional income streams from our trailers is part of this and how we came across the idea of truck advertising.

We believe in cooperation it’s as important to us that our trailers look amazing with or without an advert on. It’s taking pride in what you do. We value creating links with advertisers big and small.”

  • Why did you Join DrivenMedia’s available fleet?

“When Sean McAndrew (General Manager) and John Fowler (Finance Director) started throwing idea’s around the office they pulled together a cracking idea of offering the space on our fleet to companies to advertise on.

This idea also made a little bit of money with an additional income stream by welcoming brands to advertise on our trailers, part of FORS requirements to strengthen the business we operate.

Sean and John passed the idea onto me to further investigate in who we could approach about the idea, I noticed the concept of truck advertising wasn’t as widespread as we thought it should be. One of our trailers must be seen by a lot of people every single day.

After some in-depth research into a few companies, a few of whom I contacted. Driven Media stood out thank their prompt response to my email and how open they were about the process.

Before I even tried to contact DrivenMedia, I’d found the history of the company and the story behind the business to be truly inspiring, to the extent I even googled the business to find out more.

The fact that his own university, The University of Derby supported Ed [DrivenMedia’s Founder] and even purchased a campaign of their own meant a lot and we wanted to be part of this story going forward.

Being able to see where the company came from, and what DrivenMedia, previously known as The Advert Man’s ambitions were made choosing the right company very easy.”

You can find the web page about Ed as a graduate of The University of Derby Here.

  • How many trailers are available?

“At present we have 30 trailers, we are hoping to double this amount as soon as possible with the possibility of other UK depots in the near future. We’re a fast-growing haulage firm and offering the advertising space on our fleet helps us to grow quicker.

We intend to offer as many trailers as DrivenMedia can advertisers for!

  • Where does your fleet go?

“Our wagons cover the entire length and breadth of the UK, including daily coverage throughout Northern Ireland. [See picture for an example]

Our fleet goes wherever the work requires, this includes as far south as Dover and as far north as John ‘o’ Groats.”

  • Are there any businesses you’d really like to advertise?

“We welcome all and any kind of businesses to advertise on our trailers, we would love the chance to host some household names whilst our fleet is roaming around the UK but equally happy for smaller and lesser-known companies.

Like I stated previously, we are all in this together! You help us grow and we help your brand gain awareness and exposure across the Uk.”