What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising, also commonly known as Out Of Home (OOH) refers to a section of advertising which targets people outdoors or otherwise out of their home.

This could be a billboard on the side of the road on their way to work, a bus streetliner passing them while they are in town shopping or even unmissable truck wrap while they drive to a meeting.

Outdoor advertising aims to be a prompt, reinforcing a brand message and getting into a customer or consumers subconscious before they make a buying decision.

DrivenMedia supplies truck advertising, an innovative outdoor advertising solution that allows your OOH advertising to move around the country with far more potential than a static 48 sheet campaign across the UK. Truck advertising is using a commercial trailer that is already travelling the country effectively as a mobile billboard.

If you interested in discussing your requirements with outdoor advertising speak to one of the team on 1332 416 449. To take a look at the truck advertising we can supply, click here. For other outdoor advertising formats that we offer for brands, click here.