Buying OOH: Media Perfect’s Top 4 Considerations

DrivenMedia spoke to Lauire Perfect, founder of Media Perfect to get his inside track with what to consider when buying and booking OOH.

Laurie has over 10 years of media buying experience across digital, print and outdoor advertising. Having spent the majority of his career working with some of the biggest names in business.



Choosing a format that is bold and unapologetically overstated is one thing, how many people see it and take notice is another.  You have to consider a number of things to create engagement such as your intended target audience, what their habits are and how they usually interact with media.

For example, targeting students outside of a leisure, retail or entertainment space would be a poor choice. Similarly, if your target audience is the stereotypical ‘white van man’ then petrol station advertising might be a better way to go. What we must always look at in detail is exactly how our audience will engage with our message on a basic, day to day level.

Cost Effectiveness

It can be really appealing to be led by price and the idea of making a saving but like many things in life, affordability does equal effectiveness. For example, would you rather by a discounted loaf of bread that you know will have a low shelf life, already be past its best and likely leave your needs unfulfilled or would you pay the extra money to buy one that is in date, can be utilised to its fullest and be happy knowing that its there to do its job without compromise.

There is a huge opportunity when choosing an outdoor advertising format, to be distracted by glamour and scale yet it is precisely this that you need to look past. Always ask yourself why; why this price, why is it available so soon, why would this work for my business. The only way to truly know how cost effective something is to do the math and compare this with other formats to really understand the potential.

Dwell Time

So, getting eyes on your ad is one thing but how do we further increase the engagement levels? Dwell time or in basic terms, how long someone looks at your ad.

The outdoor advertising industry, like many other advertising mediums are always developing new products and pushing the limits of what their products can achieve. That’s why when considering dwell time, its always good to check out the formats that are somewhat unusual or considered non-traditional.

Going off-piste often means that come across unique and creative solutions that you and your competitors have never considered and truck advertising falls right into this category.


From my many years of experience, I know that businesses that don’t lead the market are able to provide a better service than those that do. Just remember that those huge companies that provide fantastic portfolios are not always as quick or efficient as the one-man band.

To the humble start-up or entrepreneur your campaign means the world and therefore the level of expectation they have towards service to their customer is often higher. When you are spending money that could be reinvested into your business you want to know that your hand will be held all the way and that you can have an honest, jargon-free conversation about the effectiveness and future of your campaign.