How Much Does Truck Advertising Cost?
Ed stands in front of a campaign mid-installation.

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and the answer really depends on what you are looking to do.

For instance, the price varies based on some of the following factors;

  • Campaign Length  

Truck advertising is going to cost slightly more the longer you run it, unfortunately, our hauliers don’t allow free use of their fleet.

The flip side, of course, is more people will see your advert the longer you run it.

Our experience shows us that rear only format campaigns should be run for a minimum of 3 months and full wraps for a minimum of 6 months.

  • Number of Trucks

Depending on the area you’re looking at, multiple lorry adverts means a far more effective advert as more people are seeing your campaign and there is a greater chance that people will see your campaign multiple times.

Do remember when booking any form of advertising multiple impacts may be needed to have the desired effect. Brains work in mysterious ways!

We’re more than happy to advise a number of campaign trailers based on your desired campaign weighting. (Light, medium, heavy, super heavy etc)

  • Truck Advertising Format

As touched on truck advertising has multiple formats, our most popular include; fully wrapped trucks, and rear only campaigns.

A fully wrapped truck comes with two impressive branding spaces on the side of the lorry for passing traffic and a rear panel for traffic following behind. It’s the best space to get your self-noticed as the truck looks and feels like your own. As you’d expect production and rental costs are higher, but they are more cost-effective in the long run with a cost per thousand lower than any other format.

A rear only campaign is what it says on the tin, just the rear doors. Doesn’t seem much but thats until you realise they have an impressive dwell time of 48 seconds at a time when drivers following behind are extremely receptive to advertising. These are perfect for launching trial campaigns to test the motorways as they have a quicker return on investment.

  • Campaign Area

Normally for simplicity, we like to keep our pricing the same regardless of where your campaign targets, however, be aware that campaigns across the south of England may have a higher price per trailer. When booking we will advise based on your requirements and budget.


As you’ve just learnt there are lots of elements to consider when putting a price together for your campaign, and that’s just the basics. The best way for us to create a campaign is to speak to you over the phone. Why not give us a call today on 01332 416 449 to discuss your requirements.