Top 10 Motorway Facts
Image of a Motorway at dusk

Here are our top 10 facts about the Uk’s motorway network.

  • The M6 is the longest Motorway in the UK measuring a total of 236 miles from Catthorpe, Leicestershire to the Scottish Border. We wouldn’t want to drive that in one go
  • The first Motorway opened on December 5, 1958. It now forms part of the M6.  When it opened it also hosted the first traffic jam when thousands flocked to Lancashire to drive the 8.5-mile trip on it.
  • When first built, the M25 was the world’s longest ring road, stretching for 118 miles around London. It’s now second to Berlin’s.
  • The M25 or London Orbital isn’t actually the M25 all the way around, there’s a short stretch over the Dartford crossing which is the A282 as this is a toll road.
  • The 70mph limit was imposed in 1965, after a new express service began running beside the M1 and some drivers tried to keep up with the train. We wonder what the top speed was then?
  • The M1 was Britain’s first full-length motorway, opening in December 1959. On its first day it carried 13,000 vehicles and more than 100 broke down in the first 10 miles.
  • The M1 was built to handle up to 14,000 vehicles a day. It now serves 10 times that number.
  • Over 94 billion vehicle miles of journeys take place on Britain’s motorway network every year. In the network, there are a total of 2,241 miles in Britain – 1,843 in England, 241 in Scotland, 88 in Wales and 69 in Northern Ireland.
  • The M62, is the country’s highest motorway, rising 1,222ft above sea level where it crosses Saddleworth Moor.
  • About a quarter of traffic delays are caused by accidents and 10 by roadworks. The remainder is due to the sheer volume of traffic. The average British motorist spends the equivalent of more than two weeks every year stuck in traffic! Ouch makes you not want to drive, we make this a time productive for our advertisers.

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