Where does a truck advertising campaign go?

Where will the trucks in your campaigns go? Simple question and the answer depends on what area you’re looking to cover, national or regional.

National campaigns can cover the Uk as a whole, mainland Uk (England, Wales Scotland) or even the UK and ROI. Based on your decision we will allocate your campaign around multiple hauliers across your chosen area. E.g for a twenty-five truck campaign covering the UK and ROI, the allocation could be, five ROI, three NI, three Scotland, three Wales, four North West/North East,  three Midlands and four London and the South. Obviously, this could change for your campaign and trucks in the Midlands may have coverage across the South of England. We split your campaign to ensure equal coverage across your chosen regions. See some of our haulier locations at the bottom of this blog.

Regional campaigns such as across the Midlands work on a similar principle, if the area is large enough we split your campaign so, in this case, two hauliers, one in the West Midlands and one in the East Midlands.

So starting location sorted let’s move onto tracking their mileage, now we could use the hauliers own Telematics system, but this only track the cab element of a trailer and cab system, your campaign is on the trailer. You can’t tell which cab took which trailer. The is the reason we use GPS tracking units attached to the trailer and give you access so you know live where your trailer is.

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