The Story Behind Our Fleet
Ed stands in front of one of DrivenMedia's new branded fleet

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asked numerous times for the reasons behind our fleet and if you missed my Article on Linked In here is an insight into our branded fleet launching across very own haulier networks.

Let’s start by turning back the clock…

Early 2017, I started introducing our truck advertising medium to outdoor media buyers and marketing agencies across the UK. It seemed logical these work on behalf of many household brands who this medium would be perfect for so having them know about us in the first step would be a start.

Most were more than happy to take information but I had a feeling it was often being filed away and never looked at again. It was difficult to see I was having an impact, it seemed I kept driving into a brick wall.

But one outdoor media agency was blunt and told me why they would never recommend it to their clients at present.

  • “I’ll never recommend truck advertising to my clients because I don’t see brands using it. I don’t see it as an option. I notice billboards hourly but not trucks.”

It seemed like a catch 22 situation how could we get the agencies onboard without advertising already on the road? The realisation struck that our strategy was all wrong. They were ignoring us because we didn’t carry any weight.

But what if their client told them they wanted truck advertising? They couldn’t ignore it and they had to at least consider it. This was against the grain of the advertising world but this is exactly what is driving our growth today.In the client-agency relationship, the client ultimately has all the power.

Brands telling their agencies “we don’t want the same as our competitors, we want something new. What about truck advertising? I’ve just seen/heard something about this media owner. Get DrivenMedia on our media plan.”

I don’t mind if they use our competitors because I’ve achieved one of my goals to increase the awareness of truck advertising.

This is stage two of that plan.

Launching our fleet. Showing how noticeable truck advertising is and the potential of the medium. In fact, within 2 days of launch, we had a lead from an advertiser who was stuck in heavy congestion on the M25.

What he didn’t know is I was in that truck, meters from him filming the trucks-eye view of those who see our adverts. More about this soon.

Perhaps the next step is to get one of our fleet to park in front of the outdoor advertising specialists offices and then waiting for them to call us…

I love showing off our fleet, so if you’d like to take a look for yourself, why not give me a call and we can arrange to see one up close.

E:[email protected]

DD: 01332 470 190

Ed Hollands

Ed Hollands stand in front of a white truck cab.