We're So Excited to Reveal...
DrivenMedia on Dragons Den

We are so so excited to reveal that DrivenMedia will be on BBC 2 next Sunday the 11th February at 9 PM. Ed will face the dragons in an attempt to raise investment in return for a percentage of the company. That’s something to tell your friends, family and colleagues about.

We’d love your support even if it’s just a tweet. Our twitter handle is @DrivenMediaUk  and ed’s is @the_advert_man. Make sure you include the hashtag #DragonsDen.

In case you didn’t know DrivenMedia is an innovative advertising agency, our team turn commercial trailers travelling the country or overseas effectively into mobile billboards for brands.

The idea came from founder Ed , who came up with the idea soon after finishing university where he achieved a first class honours degree in Business Studies. His eureka moment came while walking back from dropping his fiancé Tara at work.

He saw a major roundabout with traffic lights, many large lorries and many cars backed up waiting for the lights to change and thought it would be a perfect opportunity for brands, organisations and larger businesses to promote their activities.

Let us know how you think we/Ed did!

P.s Ed was included in the series preview back in October, did you spot him?

Ed on the Dragons Den Series Prequel.
Ed on the Dragons Den Series Prequel.