Why we track the trailer and not the cab?
Hand holding a phone, with a location highlighted.

This is one key differentiation between DrivenMedia and our competitors, we have our own system of GPS trackers attached magnetically to the haulier’s trailers whereas our competitors rely on the hauliers own telematics systems normally installed in the cabs.

  • Accuracy

You’re only interested in where you’re trailers been, that’s where your advert is and that’s what you’ve paid to be on. Cabs and trailers are two different things, and the combination of trailers and cabs changes every day. Also with GPS tracking on the cabs, you don’t know which trailer has been attached to the cab if any, so it’s harder to identify exactly where your trailers been.

  • Accountability

Using our own GPS trackers allows better accountability of your advertising campaign, not only for the accuracy of reporting but it allows you as an advertiser to log in at any time and see where your campaign is and where it has been. We like our advertisers to stay on top of where their campaign is.

  • Ease of Access

All your data in one place, what’s easier than that? As we run campaigns across multiple hauliers we can ensure all your tracking data is in a single location. Using hauliers own GPS data you may have multiple logins into multiple systems.  You only need to learn to use one system which is much simpler and easier.

  • Final Thoughts

Yes, investing in our own GPS tracking trackers and software increases the cost of our campaign to our advertisers but we believe it’s worth it as it aligns with our vision: To make truck advertising an accountable advertising medium.

If you’d like to take a look at our GPS tracking software, book a meeting with one of the team. 

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