What type of vehicles are truck campaigns launched on?
Action shot of our campaign

You may have learnt that a truck advertising campaign encompasses both trailers and lorries in a previous blog post. But what vehicles do we look to launch our customers on?

We believe bigger is better, so regardless the coverage you’ve requested we will find the largest vehicles to maximise the impact your campaign has.

National campaigns are always trailers because they travel the furthest and have the biggest impact on road users.

Trailer advertising campaigns spend over 80 of their driving time on motorways and A roads and a minimal amount of time in urban centres, typically under 10

Regional campaigns tend to be lorries, as lorries have a smaller operating area and can get into urban areas more easily. Economically and environmentally it’s more efficient to take 1 return trip with a trailer and cab than multiple trips with a fleet of lorries.

Lorry advertising campaigns spend less time on major roads when compared to a trailer advertising campaign however they spend much more time in population centres. Typically 55 of their driving time on Motorways and A Roads and over 30 in towns and cities.

When picking vehicles, we also consider the following;

Haulier’s reputation and respect within the industry.

Vehicle maintenance and cleanliness.

Location and typical routes.