Working with Jenny Campbell: The Cash Point Queen.
Ed midway though his pitch

If you’ve not watched Ed the “baby-faced entrepreneur” take on the Dragons in the fifteenth series of Dragons’ Den, we strongly urge you to.

Ed won over former banker and esteemed business advisor Jenny Campbell with his passion for success and brimming potential

But what’s it like to work with Jenny? 

“In my personal experience, fantastic!” said Ed, the Founder of DrivenMedia.

“Our first meeting was arranged shortly after the filming and it was extremely motivating. Jenny took the time to understand where DrivenMedia was and what we needed help on. She admitted that she can’t now drive anywhere without looking at the trucks that pass. She actively keeps an eye out for potential prospects and we discuss the best strategy for approaching them. 

I receive a lot of support from Jenny’s team including PR, IT, investments functions and much more. This is invaluable help, as most of the time it’s used as a sounding board and bouncing ideas between us. Jenny’s team is also brilliant at fixing issues and last-minute hold-ups and if I need to speak with anyone from the industry, they know someone. This support alone you can’t put a value on.

One part of my pitch you didn’t see was why I wanted the investment. Advertising is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone so it’s hard to break through. Often once you’ve done your first big campaign it breeds familiarity. I wanted Jenny’s black book to kickstart this process.  We’ve already had some success with a few introductions and I’m looking forward to many more fruitful conversations. Now the episode has aired and the secret is out, I can’t wait to see where the road takes us next.”

Roll on the next board meeting!