Advertising Slang words:
A guide to those bamboozled
Unlit light bulb in an thought bubble

Slang words are prevenient in every industry and the outdoor media market is no exception. So if you don’t know your OOH from your POP, this is the blog for you.

Alphabetical ordered for ease of reading.

  • Copy – The industry term for the written word. As a guide studies have found 10-12 words is the sweet spot for response.
  • Coverage – The area that an advert will be seen, e.g Nationally, Midlands etc)
  • CPM/CPT (Cost Per Thousand)- The cost per thousand impressions. A deeper explanation can be found in this blog post.
  • Creative – The design of your advert or the name of the people designing adverts. Did the creatives name creative or did creative name the creatives?
  • Dwell time –  The length of time somebody looks at an advert. Did you know truck rears have an average dwell time of 48 seconds?
  • Impacts/Impressions – Impacts or Impressions is the total number of times an advertising campaign is seen.
  • Media Owner – The company that owns and advertising space. E.g DrivenMedia (Us), a newspaper publisher or TV channel.
  • OOH (Out Of Home) – OOH refers to any advertising that targets people outside of their homes.
  • Opportunities To See – Refers to the number of times an advert is likely to be seen. Very similar to “Impacts or Impressions”.
  • POP (Proof of Posting) – A picture that proves your advertising material has been installed. Normally a photograph.
  • Reach – Reach is the percentage of your target audience your ad reaches.
  • Response- The outcome you’d like to see from your advert. Could be going to your website or tweeting about it.
  • Sheet Size – The size of the billboard, traditionally from 6 sheet to 96 sheet and beyond. Truck sides measure between 48 sheets and 96 sheets. Truck rears roughly compare to a 16 sheet size.

Want to add any we’ve missed or you get stuck on? Get in touch and we will update with your suggestions.