The debate: Should HGV's be allowed in bus lanes?

A recent BBC new’s article caught our eye yesterday, so we thought we’d examine it closer. The article “Lorries could use bus lanes to aid Wales traffic flow” examines a plan by the Welsh government to allow HGV’s into bus lanes in a bid to improve congestion across Wales.

Now, we would like to argue that this should apply across the UK at the same time otherwise the Welsh government will find that there is a lack of take up with hauliers who originate outside of Wales. The this doesn’t feel right so I’m not going to follow him and risk getting a £90 fine. Which will result in the experiment failing as the effect on traffic will be minimal, a UK wide role out on the other hand will make the rules the same from London to Glasgow, making it easier for our hard-pressed hauliers to get to where they need to go.

So should this be allowed in the first place?

  • The argument for

Lower Emissions – With our cities already breaking emissions limits, this seems the ideal way to speed up deliveries and reduce the amount of time a truck spends in an urban environment, while also speeding up everyone else’s commute.

Traffic flow – Especially in the East Midlands, our bus lanes seem to be empty with a constant flow of buses. So if trucks used this space to filter between the buses it would be a fantastic way to keep them moving. For those of you who hate driving in traffic and joining a busy roundabout, try it in a truck. You spend so long looking for a gap for you and your 15 m trailer, if trucks were allowed into bus lanes it would speed up traffic as the truck isn’t in front of you waiting to go. The only time this wouldn’t work is when the truck wanted to turn right.

Lower cost – Faster deliveries, means the cost of everyday items can and will fall. As trucks can complete more deliveries and more miles whilst using the same fuel. Win-win for everyone. Perhaps that’s something to consider next time you’re wondering if you should let a truck out.

  • The argument against

Safety – By allowing trucks into the bus lane, a bus lane designed to segregate the cyclist and other road users it will increase accidents for cyclists.

Encourage more people to drive – By increasing reliability for road users and decreasing it for public transport, you’ll discourage public transport use, resulting in more cars on the road. Making this pointless.

What do you think? Should HGV’s be allowed into bus lanes?

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