How snow affects Uk logistics
Snow covered Motorway in North Wales

Last week saw the Uk grind to a halt as heavy snow fell, costing the UK economy an estimated Billion pounds a day!

But what does the haulage industry do? They can’t exactly work from home after all.

I proud to say that most of our hauliers reported that they still made their deliveries, in most cases a lot slower than normal.

And the UK should be thankful that they did because otherwise, the supermarket shortages we saw late Friday would be far more widespread across multiple sectors.

Supermarkets, for example, depend on multiple daily deliveries of fresh produce and perishables. Bread, milk or fruit and vegetables for example. You’d soon notice as we all did last week if one of these deliveries is missed.

Roling that out across other industries, where UK manufacturing relies on Just in time delivery, any delay can mean a costly factory shut down.

Eighty-five percent of everything we buy, eat, wear and use is moved by a UK-registered lorry or trailer, so it’s time we showed the industry the respect it deserves rather than moaning because your favourite biscuits are out of stock.

Without UK logistics our buy it when I want it, where I want it lifestyle just won’t work.