Can charities benefit from a truck advertising campaign?

You see charities advertising all the time, from TV to billboards.

But what would truck adverting offer charities that other platforms might not?

  • Year-Round Advertising

Truck advertising is a long-term outdoor advertising platform, ideal for broadcasting a specific message.

  • Impactful National Reach that Drives Brand Awareness

Truck advertising reaches the entire country with just a single truck, imagine a fleet of unmissable adverts showcasing a hard-hitting message, that’s memorable and impactful. Perfect for raising a charities brand awareness or around a specific message.

  • Extremely Cost-Effective

Truck advertising is extremely cost-effective at reaching the masses, perfect for increasing brand awareness to the UK population as a whole when they are at their most receptive.

  • PR and Social Media

Have you thought how truck advertising can be leveraged in the press or through social media to maximise your campaign effectiveness? This maximises the number of eyeballs seeing your campaign and consequently your ROI.

Want to test it?

DrivenMedia is seeking a national charity advertising partner to use our available fleet for good at a charity discount. Limited opportunities available.

If you know a charity we should be speaking to or are involved in a charity that is interested in launching your next campaign with fleet advertising, please email us on [email protected].