How does truck advertising compare to other outdoor advertising formats?

In our last blog post, you found out how much advertising space you get for every fully wrapped truck in your advertising campaign.

Let’s see how this compares to other outdoor advertising formats because 86.24 meters is quite hard to visualise.

  • Bus Advertising

A fully wrapped truck has an advertising area roughly 57 metres squared, which means you need 1.53 bus adverts for every truck advert you had.

Don’t forget your advert on a truck would also cover a much larger area.

  • 96 Sheet Billboard Advertising.

A 96 sheet billboard has an advertising area of 37.18 metres squared, which means you’d need 2.35 96 sheet billboards for every truck.

Each truck side equates to just larger than a 96 sheet billboard.

  • 48 Sheet Billboard

This staple of the outdoor advertising industry has an advertising area of 18.6 metres squared. Which means for every truck in your campaign it equates to 4.7 48 sheet billboards!

  • Tube Elevator Posters

We’re going underground! London Underground or metro elevator posters are quite popular with our customers. With an advertising area of 1.55 meters squared, it means you need 56.39 of these for every truck.

Truck advertising advertising area verses other outdoor formats