Broadcast Advertising in an Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Broadcast Advertising with DrivenMedia

What is Broadcast advertising

Broadcast advertising seems so simple, you broadcast a message on radio or TV to thousands of people right?

Technically that’s right but in reality, a wide range of advertising can be used as a broadcast medium. It’s about getting as many people to see a message as possible as quickly as possible.

Your interpretation depends on the industry, so within outdoor advertising (OOH), broadcast advertising means broadcasting a brand message across the UK, attempting to reach as many people as possible as quickly as they can.

Outdoor Advertising Broadcast Fromats

Now, remember broadcast advertising is all about getting as many people (Eyeballs) to look at your message over a set period.

Also remember it depends on your creative, for example, a portrait advert fits really well on the truck rear panel, not so great on a 48 sheet.

Other things to consider include;

  • Your Timeframe – Some formats have longer lead times and ideal campaign lengths. For example, a time-limited offer that launches today but needs to go in 2 weeks is brilliant for 48/96 sheets, not so great for bus advertising.
  • Your Budget – How much do you want to spend? Sure 500, 48 sheets does the job but could 50 fully wrapped trucks in a 12-month truck advertising campaign reach the reach more people more often.
  • Frequency – This leads us onto frequency quite nicely, how often do you want your advert to be seen? Traditional outdoor advertising formats may need to be seen up to 2o times before it makes an impact, but this changes based on your message and the format.
  • Dwell Time – Some messages a brilliant for a short burst of exposure, other need a lot longer for someone to take them in. Bear this in mind when booking an outdoor format for your broadcast campaign.

How Does Truck Advertising Fit in?

Truck advertising is a fantastic broadcast advertising tool, a single truck on average reaches  55,000 people every single day. Our recent video proved that actually, it could be far in excess of this. Watch Now.

Imagine how many 25, 50 or even a 100 trucks could reach, every day or over the campaign length.

Truck advertising is a true broadcast advertising medium because it reaches everywhere across the country, nearly every demographic and and unavailable and unmissable.


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