Why are drivers so receptive to truck advertising?

Let me set the scene for you and pretend we’re a potential customer in the car, on their way to or from work, to the shops etc.

It’s a fairly standard journey, some trees, the same shops but oooh something catches your eye up ahead. Your brain goes into overdrive because it’s finally got some stimulus. It’s a bright truck, that’s different you say in your head as you get closer. Your brain is eager to find out what it is. That’s the power of truck advertising.

Thousands of people will see your advert on a daily basis and 97 of these can recall your product or service.

Two reasons why;

  • Driving is monotonous.

You see driving is boring, it’s repetitive actions and your brain switches off. Ask yourself can you remember your drive to work this morning? We bet you can’t!

Truck advertising is a welcome distraction to the monotony of driving. A form of entertainment in it’s most basic form, which makes drivers very receptive to it.

  • Trucks are part of the landscape

Trucks, trailers, lorries you see these every day and they are part of the landscape of your commute, they are already in your commuting routine.

It’s because they are already there, that they are not seen as an interruption to your journey, that your brain processes them automatically, without realising it’s an advert.It’s subliminal.

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