10 Road Safety Facts

A recent blog post of ours highlighted that “when the M1 was first opened on the 2nd of November 1959; it was a death trap, with no noted speed limit, crash barriers, central reservation or even lighting!” Since then we’ve had a few suggestions of safety facts that we thought we’d share. – UK Road Facts

  • The earliest recorded use of the phrase “road safety” was in 1906 in a book by Henry C Pearson entitled Rubber Tires And All About Them.
  • Motorists drive less closely to oncoming cars on roads without centre-line markings.
  • Up to 70 percent of people on urban roads are looking for a parking spot, and one in five urban crashes is related to a search for parking.
  • More than 80 percent of traffic in a typical city runs on 10 percent of the roads. So trucks are not to blame for your delay into work in the morning
  • The average driver looks away from the road for .06 seconds every 3.4 seconds. Which means your not looking at the road for 17 of your journey!
  • The UK driving test only has about a 50 pass rate!
  • According to LV= Almost one in six UK motorists has been caught speeding in the last five years.
  • 92 of us consider ourselves good drivers. But 65 of us admit to breaking the 70mph speed limit on Motorways and A roads!
  •  if you’re travelling at 70mph and need to slow the car will travel about 21 metres in less than a second before you can even hit the brakes.
  • Pedestrian crossings were introduced in 1934. Their black-and-white stripes were not added until in 1951.