Achieving impact nationally with truck advertising

Creating a national impact with Truck Advertising.

You may know we have a Q&A feature on our blog, answering some particularly tough questions from our customers and potential customers.

The latest addition is “how can truck advertising achieve the scale and impact of a national 48 Sheet advertising campaign? – Effectively asking how do you create a national advertising campaign with truck advertising ”

Now the answer ultimately depends on your budget and your timescales. A 100 trucks with your branding on is quickly going to be seen by a large percentage of the UK population and will do the job. National advertising on a huge scale. But that’s going to be out of range for a lot of businesses, you don’t need that many trucks.

Equally, we need to compare posting times, 48 sheets typically have a posting cycle of 2 weeks whereas fully wrapped truck campaigns have an average campaign length of 6-12 months.

Where do we start to answer this question?

Now, let’s cover a few assumptions. A national advertising campaign focusses on major conurbations such as Manchester, Birmingham etc (Particularly outdoor advertising. We’re assuming it’s broadcast advertising campaign. The locations booked are on busy commuter routes, so likely to be seen at least once a day by commuters either on the way to or from work. High frequency but potentially not high reach as the same people see it a few times.

Using or GPS data we know our trucks are on these roads regularly, take this one for example. Over a month a single truck reached several different cities across the Uk including Manchester, Sheffield and London. Read More – Can Truck Advertising Reach Urban Areas? Essentially one truck has done the job of many static 48 sheets and it’s reached vast swathes of the country static outdoor advertising can’t reach. Truck advertising has high reach but low frequency. Most people will see the truck one maybe twice unless you have 10-25 trucks trucks in your campaign.  Equally, we could argue that a person has to see the truck one to recall the advert as 97 of impacts can recall a truck advert up to 2 weeks after exposure, so you require less frequency than a static poster.

If you need any proof of the Reach and Dwell time of truck advertising, this video sums up how we calculate it and what you can expect. – Reach and Dwell Time Video

GPS tracker Extracts for 1 month

So what does this mean?

It’s not a fair comparison. It depends how you want to define success with your national advertising, is it brand awareness, the number of times a specific action was performed or the reaction on social media.

This outcome will decide which format of OOH advertising is best for you for your national advertising campaign.

If you’d like to learn how truck advertising can support your national outdoor advertising efforts. Get in touch with the team, they’d be happy to help.

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