Is the Summer Season bad for our roads?

Looking towards warmer weather it made us think is Summer as bad for our roads as Winter?

Well, we found, the answer depends on the material used to lay the roads. There are several types, some deal well with colder weather and others prefer warmer temperatures.

In the Uk, we have a climate that fluctuates, it can be freezing one week and then a barmy heat wave the next. Which is not good for the guys with the responsibility of deciding which materials to use, and global warming just isn’t helping! We almost need a road for Summer and a road for Winter.

Summer can melt our roads, last Summer some part of the UK such as Manchester saw their roads start to melt! That is the main problem caused by heat.

Heating and contracting through the day/night cycle can also cause roads to crack.

At present time the warmer weather presents less of a threat to our roads than the Wintery weather. Something to think about next time you’ve got the AC on full blast!

You know whatever the weather here in the Uk we’ll moan! Well, guess our roads are the same they don’t like it too cold or too hot!