AdCast - The Advertising Podcast

AdCast – The Advertising Podcast, brought to you by DrivenMedia and Slapsticka Media.

Covering topics including;

  • Advertising in the news
  • Campaign Review
  • Hidden sides of the industry.

Episode Guide

We aim to publish AdCast on a fortnightly basis normally on a Wednesday. Episodes can be found on our blog. Links below when published.

  • Episode 1 – Recorded -Released Wednesday 2nd May 2018. Listen now
  • Episode 2 – Recorded – Released Due Wednesday 16th May 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 3 – Recorded -Released Wednesday 30th May 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 4 – Recorded -Released Tuesday 19th June 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 5 – Recorded -Released Thursday 12th July 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 6 – Recorded -Released  Wednesday 25th July 2018 Listen Now
  • Episode 7 – Recorded -Released  Wednesday 31st August 2018 Listen Now
  • Episode 8 – Recorded -Released  Tuesday 25th September 2018  Listen Now
  • Episode 9 – Pending recording due for release 21st October 2018

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How AdCast Started?

AdCast is a collaboration between DrivenMedia and Slapsticka Media.

Hosted by DrivenMedia founder Ed Hollands and Slapsticka Media founder Gurdas Singh we aim to explore the advertising world in the UK.

Both are young entrepreneurs who have launched ventures into arguably one of the most difficult industries to start a business in.

AdCast will be lighthearted discussion around the latest campaigns launched by brands of all sizes and some of the challenges they face.

It started when Gurdas wanted a source of industry information in PodCast format but couldn’t find one. Talking with Ed he brought this up and as a result, AdCast was born.

When Ed and Gurdas first met.

When Ed and Gurdas met

Who's Behind AdCast?

AdCast is headed by Ed Hollands from DrivenMedia and Gurdas Singh from Slapsticka Media.

Ed Hollands

Ed Hollands stand in front of a white truck cab.

Ed Hollands is the young entrepreneur behind DrivenMedia, a truck advertising firm using commercial trucks effectively as mobile billboards. This allows advertisers and brands to advertise their brands on motorways a highly sought after media environment.

Ed started DrivenMedia in August 2015 and has since steadily grown the business to include over 2,000 trailers in DrivenMedia’s available fleet. His clients are wide ranging from universities to train operators.

You may have seen Ed on Dragons Den back in February 2018 – Watch him here. He successfully pitched and won investment from Jenny Campbell.

Gurdas Singh

Gurdas Singh is the founder of Slapsticka Media – a Birmingham based taxi advertising business priding itself on making taxis a more affordable and accessible form of advertising by offering various types and a range of campaigns.

By acquiring substantial knowledge of the taxi trade in Birmingham, Gurdas was able to understand driver practice thus launching the business in 2016 and initially only offering taxi interior advertising campaigns offering clients considerable amounts of dwell time from the desired audience which was budget friendly.

Since then the business has grown to offer all types of taxi advertising throughout the Midlands.

We hope you enjoy AdCast, happy listening!

Ed & Gurdas

AdCast - The Advertising Podcast