Logistical Slang and what they mean

During our work with our haulage partners we come across many logistical slang words, so we’ve compiled a list of them in case you hear us muttering them.

Alphabetically sorted for ease of reading

  • Backhaul or Backloading – A return load, allowing hauliers to make money from both legs of their journey.
  • Cab – The living/working area of a truck
  • Cargo – The goods within the trailer or lorry
  • Drop – A delivery
  • HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle (normally above 3.5 tonnes)
  • LGV – Light Goods Vehicle
  • Load – A pick up of goods or the cargo held within the truck
  • Multi-drop – A route with multiple deliveries, e.g Drop at Birmingham and Manchester.
  • Rigid – A lorry, cab and cargo area are permanently attached.
  • Tautliner – A curtain sided trailer.
  • Tractor unit – The part of the truck that drives the trailer.

Think we’ve missed one? let us know and we’ll add it.