The Truck Advertising Process

You may wonder about the truck advertising process. How do we take your idea and requirements and end up with a fantastic campaign? Well, this is the blog where you will find out.

A Starting Point

Every brand or advertiser will come to us at a different stage and that’s ok!

Some have the artwork ready to go and an idea of how they’d like to use truck advertising too. Others have just about truck advertising and want to find out more. If that’s you, click here to find out what truck advertising is.

We like to work with you, to create a campaign that best meets your needs.

For the purposes of this blog, we are going to assume that you have some idea of what you’d like to do and the coverage area you’d like to target with your campaign.

Every truck advertising process if different, but this with guide you through the key stages.

Campaign and Truck Selection

You’ve now told us where you’d like to target and you know how many trucks you want to advertise on. Brilliant! We start matching you with potential trucks and getting them measured up ready for the next stage. This happens alongside us finalising the contractual details.

Finalising Your Creative

The truck measurements are used to create a template (Shown below), which is then used to create the final artwork.

It’s important to note until your artwork is signed off, you can continue to made alterations to it, but once it’s been signed off and sent to print we can’t do anything to it.

Signing Off Your Artwork

Artwork sign off is an exciting stage in your truck advertising process. It’s the final stage before you’ll see it on your trucks.

Here’s what a proof will look like, to approve you simply sign and return. We do the rest.

Artwork Sign Off, the Truck Advertising Process


That time has finally come, your artwork has been printed onto a trailer curtain and/or viynl.

It’s been dispatched and we arrange fitting for you. This is quite often the most time-consuming part for us as we have to intercept the trailer and give it back to the haulier within normally 2-3 hours.

Once installed, launch pictures are taken and it’s launched onto the road.

You can see some of the campaigns we’ve launched and their launch pictures here. 

This is the end of the truck advertising process as we move onto campaign tracking and management.

Broadcast Advertising with DrivenMedia
DrivenMedia’s Branded Trailer

We’ve used extracts from the truck advertising process of launching a fleet of our own.

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