Advertising on trucks? Why should it be part of my media plan?

Truck advertising it’s a simple concept, using commercial trailers already travelling the country effectively as mobile billboards.

But why should truck advertising make your media plan?

Let’s find out:

The Basics

  • High Reach Medium

Truck advertising is a high reach medium, reaching on average 55,000 people on a daily basis. These aren’t any people, these are highly receptive motorists who take in your advert without realising, this effect is amplified by traffic. Truck advertising makes an extremely effective broadcast medium.

The stats tell all, 97 of people can recall a truck advert weeks after exposure. What other media get’s you this level of impact and recall?

  • Dwell Time

When thinking about your commute this morning, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Traffic! Congestion and traffic is a where truck advertising outperforms anything else. Dwell time can go from under a minute to five, ten or more minutes. Your audience will be thanking you for keeping their brains active and they have nowhere else to look.

Don’t believe us? Check out the results we achieved following one of our trucks round on a typical Thursday.

  • Unavoidable Media Space

The rear panel is unavoidable while driving, it’s directly in front of you where you have to be looking. Next time you’re on the motorway just try not to look at the back of trucks. Looking at the back of anything else so much could get you in trouble with your other half!

Advanced Considorations

  • Hard to Reach Space

The Uk’s major road network is one of the most densely populated in Europe, making it a perfect place for advertising. Just imagine the volume of traffic that can see your advert.

The problem is that advertising across this network is nigh on impossible with spotty roadside billboard coverage. Truck advertising, however, can reach across the whole network. And rather than hoping a traffic jam will stop traffic near your advert, your truck advert get’s stuck in them where ever they occur.

  • Cost Efficient

This space is incredibly cost-effective. On average our truck advertising campaigns cost our clients less than 75 per thousand people reached.

Our previous blog post highlights the savings in detail, but if you were using another outdoor advertising platform you could expect to spend £4 per thousand. Radio, £5 per thousand and Tv, expect to spend £14.5 per thousand people reached.

That’s before you consider the size difference: Truck advertising is huge!

  • Demographics

Truck advertising can reach all demographic categories, but did you know those with a high level of disposable income are more reliant on their cars? ( National Travel Survey, DFT)

Our medium reaches a predominantly ABC1 category mostly on their way to or from work and over 66 of these commutes to work by car. (Road Usage Statistics, DFT)

So what are you doing advertising on the tube!

Find out more;

  • Positive Interruption. 

Truck advertising is a positive interruption, this means rather than getting in the way of a users activity, it’s a welcome interruption particularly with heavy traffic.


Truck advertising is an underutilised media space overlooked by most of the advertising market, why would you try and outspend when you can outsmart?

Get into a space your competitors haven’t and be associated with thanks to first mover advantage. Gain and competitive advantage with your advertising.

Exclusivity is an option with truck advertising. Secure it for your brand today

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