How does Truck Advertising Compare to Radio Advertising?

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising brilliant for getting people on their way to work and whilst they are at work. We at DrivenMedia belive radio advertising and truck advertising have huge synergies as explained here, especially when targeting motorists.

This is when DrivenMedia’s guide comes in handy, it compares truck advertising to other common formats, in this case, radio advertising.


We’ll look at;

  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Advertising Environment
  • Target Coverage Area
  • Demographics
  • Key stats (Reach and Dwell Time)

Cost Comparison

DrivenMedia’s truck advertising campaigns are incredibly cost-efficient, having an average CPM of less than £0.75p. If you need a recap on CPM this previous blog post covers this.

Looking at radio advertising it has an average CPM of £5

This means per pound spent you get 6 times the reach with truck advertising. Your advertising budget goes further with DrivenMedia.

Advertising Environment

With radio advertising being well on a radio be it in your car or at work, it seemed unfair to compare the size of adverts, as it depends on the size of your chosen listening tool!

So instead of a break from the normal format we use to compare advertising formats, we’re going to look at the advertising environment.

Truck advertising is an underused format and motorists don’t see trucks as mobile billboards hence they are highly receptive to this medium. When you combine this with the motorway environment being mostly media free apart from the farmers’ fields adverts you see truck advertising is a very strong medium to make an impact on people in their day to day lives, mostly whist commuting. Trucks by there nature are huge so naturally are unmissable on your drive.

Just how big are our adverts?  

Radio advertising reaches people whilst driving and whilst at work, it depends on everyones personal tastes to which stations they tune into, which could pose a problem as they have to be listening when your advert is on.

When you look at listing figures the Financial Times suggests 76 of all audio consumption is via live radio.

But how receptive are you to the advertisements you hear on the radio? The radio is often on in the background so what your listening too often goes in one ear and out the other. Can you tell me the last song you heard on the radio?

Coverage Area

These are two completely different mediums, which makes them hard to directly compare. One is outdoor and one is audio.

Trucks can reach a wide geographic area on a daily basis across either a national or regional basis. National campaigns are delivered by HGV trailers and regional by lorries.

Campaigns on trailers travel further, and lorries have more urban reach. Want to find out more Does truck advertising reach urban areas?

The cost for truck advertising stays broadly the same if you target your campaign from the UK as a whole, England or a region such as the Midlands. We should add that southern based campaigns increase the costs slightly.

Trailer and lorry advertising areaRadio advertising has broadly the same split, you can target The Uk as a whole as well as individual broadcast areas, depending on the coverage area of the antenna. Your selection heavily affects the cost.  A national campaign will cost more than a regional one for example.


As we’ve established truck and radio advertising reach broadly the same people at potentially the same time, which is what makes them work well together.

In general, DrivenMedia can get your brand in front of a young, mobile, mostly male audience from all backgrounds. ABC1 is the demographic category as the National Travel Survey published by the Department for Transport found that those with higher disposable incomes are more reliant on their cars.

Find out more about the audience DrivenMedia can put you in front off.

Radio advertising can be more focused as there are numerous stations with their own demographic. There are 339 DAB stations alone. So your station selection will heavily affect this. Classic FM has a completely different audience from Capital FM (Other brands available).

Key Statistics - Reach and Dwell Time

DrivenMedia put’s your brand in front of a highly receptive audience on their commute. The best way for you to understand the potential of truck advertising is to watch this video.

Why did we film it? 

Truck advertising’s opportunity to see varies based on location, London, M25 is going to be far higher than for example the Hebrides in Scotland. In this case M25/London our campaign delivered over 100,000 impressions and had a dwell time of 111 seconds (just under 2 minutes).

On average we expect your campaign to be seen by 55,000 people on a daily basis with the rear panel having a dwell time on average of 48 seconds.

Radio Advertising depends on the timings you choose, the midnight – 2 am slot while cheap isn’t going to reach a lot of people yet the drivetime (morning or afternoon), you’re going to have a huge potential audience.


In the battle of radio advertising vs truck advertising, truck advertising has come out on top.

  • Truck advertising has a higher cost efficiency, costing on average £0.75 per thousand people reached.
  • DrivenMedia reaches one of the most densely populated road networks in Europe and yet still deliver urban coverage.
  • Truck advertising reaches a more mobile affluent audience.
  • The reach and dwell time of truck advertising is far superior to radio advertising.
  • Although we still maintain a truck and radio advertising synergy is unmatched.