What we look for with our haulage partner.

Truck Advertising UK

Our haulage partners are the ones who actually deliver our campaigns, more importantly, they become an extension of your brand so knowing we have the best we have the best in the business should put your mind at ease.

Here’s what we look for when choosing a haulier to deliver your campaign;


Advertising looks best when it’s clean, we’ve all seen dirty trucks on the road where you can’t tell test from dirt, dust and grime so we make sure the haulier looks after their fleet.

Ensuring a high quality of display for your advertising campaign.

Did you know contractually all of our hauliers have to clean their fleet every two weeks, but most clean them weekly if not daily? We partner with the haulier that stop their fleet from leaving the yard if they can see it has a spec of dirt on it.


We have a driving time guarantee, a minimum time your campaign has to be on the road. So we partner with hauliers who go the extra mile.

Did you know every day on average each truck in our available fleet travels 250 miles?

More miles covered means more eyeballs on your truck advertising campaign.

Driving Day

A high mileage is good but this milage has to be in the day, otherwise whats the point? Noone is going to see your campaign because it’s dark!

Our driving time guarantee is built with this in mind, only driving hours between 6 am and 7 pm count towards the total. Our competitors can’t say this (and they don’t even track the trailer!)

Why we track the trailer and not the cab?


We choose hauliers that are responsive to communication, not only does this improve our lead time, meaning you can launch your truck advertising campaign quicker.

But it also means if there is a problem, such as if the trailer has to be taken of the road for a period of time, we can tell you.

it’s no good finding out in the tracker report it missed a week if we don’t know why.


Hauliers with good reputations want to keep them. Afterall it’s taken them years of hard work to create it in the first place.


By working with these hauliers we can ensure your campaign is in good hands.

Did you know our best hauliers are paid more because they require less management on your behalf?