AdCast Episode 4 - 19th June 2018

Phew, finally managed to make episode 4, welcome welcome. Anchor (The app we used to record) just didn’t want to work for us, but we did it and here it is.

In this week’s episode we discuss;

  • Do advertisers have to be creative?
  • Heinz Salad Cream or Sandwich Cream
  • Should you know what you want before approaching a media owner?
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) what is it?
  • Campaign Review: Mastercard – Meals for goals
  • Campaign Review: We Buy Any Car
  • Campaign Review: Oasis
  • Campaign Review: Gregs ” Gregory And Gregory
  • Campaign Review: IHOP to IHOB
  • Campaign Review: Just Eat – Lick the Face of a legend
  • Campaign Review: Lucozade Sport – Made to Move campaign with Anthony Joshua.

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