What goes where with truck advertising?

Design is a daunting part of any truck advertising campaign, your creative is going to be on that truck for at least 6 months after all.

Fear not, the DrivenMedia team is here to help. From advice, alterations and tips from our experience hat ever your business, brand, product or service. We’ll guide you through the process to make sure your design goes the distance (both on the truck and towards your campaign objective!)

If your considering truck advertising in your marketing plan here’s our guide to what should go where (creativity at least) on a truck.

The Sides

Each side is effectively a huge 96 sheet billboard, a large branding space that’s impossible to miss from passing and overtaking traffic.

The vast majority of impacts will be traffic travelling the opposite direction to the truck, resulting in a short dwell time. You need a simple message that’s easy to understand and recall up close and far away.

MARJON Truck Advertising Campaign
Yboo Truck Advertising Campaign

The rear

The rear or the back of the truck has an incredible dwell time for following motorists, an average of 48 seconds but this varies based on traffic conditions. Watch our Reach and dwell time video. 

This space can accommodate longer copy as your audience has longer to read and take in your message, especially in heavy traffic. This is the ideal place for product placement or “action statements”(Call to Action).