A physical impression of how your truck advertising campaign will look.

Some potential clients are lucky enough to have a 1:76 scale concept truck sent to them in the post, often with a letter explaining about what we do, others may get one during the prospecting process and all launched campaigns get a 1:50 scale model of their campaign.

  • Why do we send them?

Ther’s nothing like seeing your brand mocked up on a small model, showing how you might look as part of a truck advertising campaign. Seeing is believing after all.

  • What do they look like?
  • 1:76 scale concept truck

Normally we use these to mock up how we think your campaign will look on our fleet. Depending on the stage we’re at this could be designed by our team or using your potential artwork.

We commonly find these on the desk of the person they’ve been sent too.

1:76 Scale truck advertising campaign
1:50 Scale Concept truck
  • 1:50 scale concept truck

Sent out or given to our customers when their campaign launches, it’s a memento to help remember their campaign in the years to come.

These end up in a display case or on the receptionist’s desk to showcase the brand to all those visiting.

  • Concept trucks in the wild

A selection of images showcasing where our concept trucks have been spotted.

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