Looking at truck advertising?
Here's what to look for;

Yay, you’re looking at doing a truck advertising campaign.

As DrivenMedia is the premium truck advertising supplier, we understand you may look elsewhere and be asking yourself what you should be looking for.

Driving Hours

Ensure you know when your campaign is going to be on the road, midnights not very good as very people are on the road! With DrivenMedia we have a GPS guarantee meaning you’re guaranteed daytime running of your campaign.

Equally, we’re sure you don’t want your campaign to be stuck in the yard, so make sure you’ve got a minimum drive time. DrivenMedia guarantees an average of 20 hours a week averaged over the life of the campaign if it’s not met your campaign is automatically extended.

Fleet Condition

Ask about the type of hauliers you’re going to be on, DrivenMedia chooses to work with reputable hauliers who look after your campaign and their trucks to ensure whenever it’s seen it looks like the day you launched it.

GPS Trackers

Don’t forget to see how they keep your campaign accountable, do they use GPS trackers? Are these on the cab or the trailer?

How else are you going to know your campaign has been doing what we or the haulier tell you.

If the tracker is the haulier’s own system or is placed on the cab what does that tell you about your campaign trailer? don’t forget cabs and trailers can detach.

DrivenMedia’s truck advertising campaigns are tracked with our own GPS trackers on the trailers themselves giving you the best idea of where your campaign is.