Roll up, roll up.
Fancy your very own concept truck?

1:76 Scale truck advertising campaign

We’ll often get asked to make concept trucks for people who love what we do, just truck advertising isn’t right for.

We’ll now you can, we’re selling our little concept trucks complete with your business on the side.

How much you ask? £40 plus P+P for one. If you’d like more than your logo expect to pay a little more for design. Approx £50-100 – depends on how complicated it is and how many revisions you want.

To inquire about yours, pop us an email – [email protected] quoting custom concept truck in the subject.

Can we offer exclusivity to our clients?
1:76 Scale truck advertising campaign

We often get asked if we can offer exclusivity by our clients, first let’s find out what it means and how we will apply it.

In advertising “Exclusivity” means, that the media owner aka DrivenMedia won’t offer advertising space to competing businesses. In return, the advertiser can pays a higher rate card and/or commits to a large amount of space.

For example, let’s say we’re advertising a radio station, Capital Fm for example across the Uk and they want exclusivity, which we agree to of course. For the course of the campaign, DrivenMedia won’t sell truck advertising space to other radio stations.

So why do we get asked for exclusivity, there can be any number of reasons but the most common are;

  • Association

The media landscape can be confusing, for instance, travel brands such as airlines and holiday companies advertise on TV, they all do it and it’s really hard to stand out because they start to merge into one. You either need amazing creative or a large budget.

But flip this round, let’s say a holiday company was the only one advertising on trucks. It’s not competing against other holiday companies, it’s competing against the mundane “Fred Blogg Transport”. Guess what they get associated with truck advertising, making it more effective in the long run even after the exclusivity has expired. A first mover advantage if you will.

  • Competitive advantage

We hate being told we can’t do something, it makes us want it more. If your competitor started advertising on TV and started to see results, guess what you’re going to do. Advertise on TV.

But what if you can’t, you’re locked out. Your competitor has a competitive advantage over you.

To give exclusivity to our clients we require a certain number of trailers booked and depending on the industry a higher rate card price.

Of course, if we’re running a campaign already for a competitor on a none exclusive basis, we can’t then offer you exclusivity, until they choose to finish their campaign.

If you’d like to find out about exclusivity for your truck advertising campaign, please get in touch.

Email:[email protected]

T: 01332 416 449