Looking to reach the motorway with your advertising?

Looking to reach the motorway with your advertising?

There’s no better medium than truck advertising, the medium that gets in the same traffic as your ideal client.

unmissable impact, high reach and extremely cost-effective.

But how else could you reach those on the motorway?

Service Station Adverts

Get people as they go to the loo or refuel (Themselves or the car), but what happens if they don’t stop?

In our view, it doesn’t reach enough of the motorway audience to be efficient on its own.

An epic combo would be to use truck advertising to hit everyone during the traffic and a knockout blow of service station adverts as they rest and try and outwait the traffic.

Motorway Adverts

A grey area of the law, old trailers parked in farmers fields with adverts on.

Are they in the places you need them? – Probably not.

How do you know they’re going to be looked after?  -Probably not.

Is it worth the risk? That’s up to you.

Get your adverts moving with the traffic with DrivenMedia.


As we’ve mentioned before truck advertising has a great synergy with radio advertising.

But radio requires you to be listening to the right radio station as that’s assuming you have enough signal, most motorways are in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest transmitter, all it takes is a hill or a few trees and *crackle*, *Pop*, *hiss* during your advert.

Get the ultimate combo, a big truck to drive home the message that’ll hear another time.

Truck Advertising

Saving the best for last, although we are very biased!

Truck advertising can spend up to 90% of it’s driving time on motorways, hitting over 55,000 highly receptive motorists during this time.

They’re impactful and hard to miss, with a 97% recall rate.

What other medium hits motorists like truck advertising?