Why your brand should have national reach using truck advertising

Image of a Motorway at dusk

Most of us use the road to commute to work, but how is your advertising reaching these motorists and why would you even want to?

Nowadays brands often have mass appeal, and to grow your awareness and reach you need to have national impact.

This blog post will explore why you should be targeting motorists and explain what you’re missing out on by not being in this space, as explained in this article by Platomar.

First off let’s explain the ‘space’ we’re talking about; the UK’s major road network. Effectivity one of the most densely populated spaces in Europe, as space where we on average spend more than 24 hours a year stuck in traffic.

Driving is a repetitive and monotonous task, it’s in an unstimulating environment and your brain is craving for something to look at (and that’s while your speeding along- just wait till you add in traffic!)

The audience we reach is highly receptive to traffic for this very reason, your brain doesn’t even realise you’re doing it.

This audience is a massive 66% of us who commute daily to work by car. Source: RAC Foundation)

It’s a space and audience that is hard to reach with traditional media options, unlike the traditional media environments. How many car insurance adverts do you see on TV or hear on the radio?  – They all merge into one over time.

So how might you as an advertiser reach this space?

With truck advertising of course.

Truck advertising moves with the traffic flow, enabling your advert to be in the middle of all the traffic hotspots where traditional OOH just can’t get. (Have you noticed all the roadside billboards seem to be nowhere near where your normally stop in traffic)

Truck advertising has multi-locational reach, meaning you can target a wide area without the expense of TV or the planning required with traditional outdoor advertising.

Best of all truck advertising is overlooked on most media plans meaning we can offer you exclusivity and access to a hugely powerful space that your competitors have overlooked.

What’s the cost? A lot less than you think! A small campaign can cost as little as 75p per thousand impressions.

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