Taking a look at Coke’s Truck Advertising

One of the most famous examples of truck advertising was done  and is continued by the globally recognized brand Coca-Cola.

When we think of Coca-Cola, what do we think of? The famous red colour? The taste? Or is it the famous red truck?

When the big red Coca-Cola truck comes to town there is one certainty on what comes to mind, Christmas.

The Coca-Cola truck campaign began in 1995 created by an ad agency, W.B. Doner. The initial trucks were a 2-tonne and 40-foot truck with over 30,000 lightbulbs, which went through valleys, towns, and hillsides during the Christmas period.

In 1998, Coca-Cola released their famous ‘Christmas Caravan III’ ad which was broadcasted to over 100 countries, reaching millions of viewers.

What made the Coca-Cola trucks so memorable?

When you saw the bright lights of a red Coca-Cola truck back in 1995, it was something that would stay in your memory forever even today very few trucks have fluorescent light bulbs along the side.

With its consistent red colour mixed with the iconic Sundblom imagery, it stood out from the crowd. It was different from any other vehicle you would see on the road, it was bold, it was unique.

Coca-Cola focused their truck advertisement during the Christmas season. A time where families get together and spend time with one another. With the help of their television ads, Coca-Cola was able to create a physical embodiment of Christmas through their trucks.

Coca-Cola didn’t just create a one-off advert or truck campaign. Instead, they consistently produced those ads and campaigns every year to engrave their brand in our minds and associate it with Christmas. Exactly what we recommend to our clients.

Fun-fact: Santa Claus’ clothes were originally green until Coca-Cola rebranded him red.