Taking a look at Cadbury’s Truck Advertising

In a previous blog, we looked into on how the Coca-Cola’s truck advertisement campaign was so successful. In this blog, we will be taking a further look into Cadbury’s truck advertisement campaign.

We all remember the famous eyebrow advert which made every single person who saw the advert attempt to copy such eyebrow movements (Impossible!).

Then do you remember the popular gorilla playing the drums along to ‘In the air tonight’ by Phil Collins? (It will stay in your head all day now!)

Finally, the unforgettable truck advert consisting of numerous different trucks branded from above to look like an advent calendar racing down a runway, with ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen playing alongside. All these adverts were produced by Cadbury. With a mix of unexpected yet playful videography along with music from iconic artists and bands, it was a recipe of success.

  • Cadbury’s approach

When the Cadbury truck reaches a town, city or village there is one thing that is guaranteed to happen. Everyone will have their fair share of Cadbury’s famous chocolate treats.

Cadbury has stuck to their famous purple colour unlike the Coca-Cola trucks; it isn’t as flashy and vibrant, however, they portray Cadbury’s essence and festive message in a truck design.

What makes Cadbury different is their truck advertising campaign has a big connection with the Advent Calendar, providing that more festive feel and link. Each day offers something different to a different location. Trucks are not sent to every location every day, instead of at certain days of the advent calendar a truck will be sent to a certain location. Providing a different festive message or event to bring joy and families together.

Similarly to Coca-Cola, Cadbury had an advertising campaign focused around the festive period. As mentioned in a previous blog consistency is key, it has been rolled out every year since launch back in 2015.