Taking a look at Aldi’s Truck Advertising

Keeping up with the theme of famous brands releasing their own truck advertising campaign, here’s the latest one. Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot truck advertising campaign.

The truck used in Aldi’s famous advert that ended on a literal cliff-hanger is very similar to the Coca-Cola truck with all the bright lights. The ones driving across the country also looks very similar to the Cadbury truck but orange.

It seems all three companies use the same basic frame for all their truck advertising campaigns; an advert, a truck and a focus on the festive period.


So what makes Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot different?

The advert is what kicks off the campaign for all three companies. An iconic and memorable advert is how it all begins.

Aldi’s advert provided something different in their adverts in comparison to Coca-Cola and Cadbury. They were all unforgettable adverts; however, Aldi’s advert had a story, a mascot and most importantly it appealed to children. Kevin the Carrot!

Aldi’s advert was cheeky yet joyful and had that festive feeling meaning it appeals to adults and children rather than just adults. In addition, the mascot is a cute carrot which is appealing to children; with an additional benefit of children being excited over vegetables due to Kevin, which is every parent’s dream!

Aldi doesn’t follow the same trend of Coca-Cola and Cadbury of sending their trucks to a certain location to provide the Christmas cheer. Instead, their trucks are being used to simply deliver the toys to their stores due to the extremely popular demand. However, that doesn’t make it ineffective as it is now a rarity to see one of the Kevin the Carrot trucks making a delivery. Adding that anticipation and excitement to being at the right place at the right time.

This successful advert with the famous mascot has created a recipe of success for Aldi, causing their Kevin the Carrot toys to be flying off the shelves across their stores.

This is the first year Aldi have released a truck advert, however year round they have branded trucks making deliveries to their stores.