Seen April King yet?

April King Trucks lined up

From October 2018 onwards, you might have seen a few April King branded trucks on the roads particularly on the M1 & M6.

Who is April King?

Originally known as King & Co when they launched in 1991. By 1996 they rebranded as April King after their merger with April Law Associates.

They are a modern and approachable Legal Services Group, with a team of dedicated specialists in their different fields such as Trust & Estate Lawyers, Chartered Legal Executives, Solicitors, Mediators, Conveyancers, and Barristers.

Unlike other legal groups, April King offers a unique service to protect their client’s children’s inheritance called Bloodline Wills. They’ve realised that most people think their existing Will also include protection for their children’s inheritance in the future, however, this is a different story. Without properly checking the money you are giving for your children to inherit could be given to someone else, like an ex-son-in-law etc. So, April King is taking the step further to ensure a client/family can be as prepared as they possibly can and thanks to DrivenMedia they’re spreading the message across the county.

The truck advertising campaign

April King’s truck advertising campaign consists of 3 trucks, each fully covered in the April King brand and information, what we call a full wrap.

You’re most likely to see the trucks on the M6 or M1 as this is a campaign focus, however, the trucks can travel anywhere in the UK.

So, get ready to see the purple and white April King’s trucks on your roads today.