The UK's most congested cities

Snow covered Motorway in North Wales

This article will be having a look at the most congested cities in the UK.

One of the most vital infrastructures that provide crucial contributions to the economic development is roads. This will evidently create congested areas, especially those with a high population and economic growth.

Here is the list of the top 10 most congested cities or urban areas in the UK according to Transport-network, with the average amount of hours spent in congestion a year.

1)    London – 73

2)    Manchester – 39

3)    Aberdeen – 35

4)    Birmingham – 34

5)    Edinburgh – 31

6)    Guildford – 29

7)    Luton – 29

8)    Bournemouth – 27

9)    Hull – 27

10)    Bristol – 27

Without a doubt, London is at the top of being the most congested in the UK, as well as being 2nd most congested in Europe behind Moscow. Furthermore, London almost doubles the average time spent in congestion per year in comparison to Manchester who is placed 2nd.

On average a UK driver spends around 32 hours a year in congestion during peak hours, with an average cost of £1,098 to each driver. In addition, with London’s congestion, it costs the city £6.2bn, with an average of £1,911 to each driver. Not even close behind but in second is Birmingham with a cost of £407m and a cost of £990 to each driver.

The cost of congestion overall is in the billions, which could be used to prosper the economy rather than hinder it. But how do we tackle this problem? Some say bold options must be considered such as “remote working, wider use of road user charging and investment in big data to create more effective and intelligent transportation systems.”

But all this congestion is truck advertising secret weapon, what else are you going to look at during your commute than a truck!