How long do we spend stuck in traffic?

Image of a Motorway at dusk

In a previous blog we wrote about the most congested cities in the UK, now we’re going to look at how long we each spend in traffic every year.

32 hours per year of every driver’s life is spent sitting in traffic trying to get to the end of the so-called tunnel as fast as they possibly can. Within London it is by far the worst with an average of 72 hours a year spent in traffic, with Manchester being 2nd with an average of 39 hours a year spent in traffic.

According to the Independent, the 5 least favourite motorways due to traffic are as follows: M25, M6, M62, M60, M56. They got this ranking due to how much stress they cause drivers when driving on these motorways. With a lack of speed cameras, poor lighting and dangerous junctions these all create added stress, therefore, making them the worst motorways in the UK. Oh, and of course the traffic jams that occur daily!

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