What to do when stuck in a traffic jam

As we all know traffic jams are nobodies’ favourite things. You’re sat there in your vehicle, moving ever so slowly to get to your destination. In some cases, it is made worse especially with screaming kids sat in the back slowly losing their patience!

In a scenario where there are no kids, here are a few tips to try and combat the dreaded traffic jams:

  • Listen to some music. Begin with choosing a song you like; then gradually make a playlist of songs you enjoy and keep adding to it. As long as the songs you choose are in your taste and it is something you can easily listen to, then it will help reduce the stress of a traffic jam.
  • Stock up on snacks and water! Imagine a situation where you’re stuck in traffic and then suddenly your stomach starts to rumble and there is no way of getting food! Avoid these situations by preparing some snacks for your commute. Breadsticks or nuts are ideal as they are not messy, and they can hit the spot if need be as well as providing that extra burst of energy.
  • According to the BBC, staying informed could help you combat a traffic jam. A lot of the motorways in England have a live traffic map. Using this information, you can see what motorways will be heavily congested or if the flow isn’t smooth, to then find an alternative path to avoid traffic jams entirely.
  • Use this time to catch up on a sporting event on the radio. There could be a game on early morning that you are eager to know the result of but can’t find out due to having to commute to work. Being stuck in traffic can give you that moment of bliss to find out the result. (Hopefully in your favour!)

For those who have children and especially those whose children do not enjoy traffic jams do not worry, DrivenMedia has a possible solution for you, The Motorway Game. If you have multiple children, you could engage their competitiveness spirit and see who does the best by adding an incentive at the end. This game can turn screaming children into quiet yet engaged children, keeping their eyes peeled to build up their points. Plus they’ll lose points if they ask “are we nearly there yet?”

One of the main things you could do IF you can help it is to always check and plan your journey with anticipation of potential traffic. Being prepared could be key, however there are certain occasions where no matter how prepared you are a traffic jam could still happen.

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