Hippo Products

Hippo's truck advertising

From the start of February, you may have seen an increasing number of Hippo trucks driving across the motorways in the UK.

Who is Hippo?

Hippo Products is a company that makes any DIY Projects easier with its wide range of building and decorating products. They emphasize that their products create a bigger and better performance for professional users and those embarking on a new and exciting DIY project. Whatever the problem is, Hippo has the right product to help you overcome the hurdle.

With a passion for helping others to produce the best results, especially those who are trade professionals or those who are “do it yourself” users, it makes their products one of the top suggestions on what company to go for when committing to a DIY project solo or as a team.

Their truck advertising campaign.

As of February 2019, you will see fully wrapped trucks along the roads and motorways showing off their vibrant yet unique advertisement. What makes their wrapping unique is that on the sides is showing a picture of a calm yet memorable Hippo. With the added imagery of being half submerged under water, It creates a memorable advertisement that would stay in your mind when seen on the roads.