How Advertising has changed over the years.

The world around us is changing. Fast. If you consider the way we pay for things; we started off by bartering for things we needed, but rapidly moved on to using actual money, and needing banks to keep it in. We then started using paper, in the form of cheques and traveller’s cheques, and rapidly moved onto plastic, and carrying dozens of cards around instead of cash. These days, we use contactless payment, and even use our phones to pay for things we need.

If you apply this same progression to the way we drive; the first car hit the roads in 1886, and by 2016 there were over 37 million vehicles on the roads of Great Britain alone. But this wasn’t enough for our fast-moving developers and innovators, and electric cars came onto the scene quite early in the history of transport, but only became commercially available in 2008.

There are now over 4,500 electric vehicles being registered every month, and there are even plans in the pipeline for wireless charging roads to be developed to make them even more appealing.

Recent innovations are self-driving cars, so we won’t even have to drive ourselves, and our roads will become even safer for everyone using them. Future innovations still in the pipeline are flying drone cars, like mini helicopters, so that we can take the traffic off the roads and into the air. Maybe we can stick adverts on them too one day!

Much of this transition from the old to the modern can also be seen in advertising, where methods of getting your message out to as many people as possible have also evolved. As long as there have been shops, people would hang signs outside to advertise their wares.

This fairly rapidly moved on to putting up large billboards next to well-travelled roads, and now, we use every available space to display more adverts and more messages to consumers; from the walls in the subways to the sides of bus-stops and the floors of shopping centres and exhibition centres.

In more recent times, there has been much more of a trend towards using electronic advertising, via social media channels, and targeted “personal” emails. Businesses are constantly looking for the next best way to make their advertising a huge success. They are using celebrities to promote things, designing funny or risqué adverts to catch your attention, or giving away free merchandise with adverts on them. All with the goal to get more people to know their brand and buy their products or services.

All of these are very valid and relevant ways to advertise, but we feel that with the rise of vehicles on the road, and the captive audience this brings, truck advertising is the way forward. Adverts on the sides or back of a truck have a high impact on over 55,000 people per day across the UK. These adverts have a very high recall rate of around 97% and cost less than 50p per thousand people reached. Over 35% of people who have seen a truck advert will research it later.

One of our customers let us know that he was receiving new leads within hours of the first truck advert being out on the roads, and that pound for pound, it was the most effective form of advertising that he had come across.

If you feel that your business could benefit from doing things differently, then get in touch. We’d love to have a chat with you about how we can bring your advertising bang up to date, and start getting your message travelling all over the country.

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