Road Safety: Speed Limiters are Coming

Car Speedo

For many decades we, as a society, have been aware of the dangers of excessive speed in a car vs pedestrians or other road users. In 1991, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RSPA) launched its first speed awareness campaign, with the slogan “Kill your speed, not a child”. This advert was mainly demonstrating the survival rates when a child is hit at 20, 30 or 40 miles per hour. As the years have gone on, and our speeds have increased along with the development of the vehicles themselves, this message is still just as relevant today as it was in 1991.

The latest RSPA adverts regarding speed were in 2009 and 2010, and the tactic had slightly changed; the adverts were much more about the consequences and torment of the people who caused the accidents, showing them being haunted by those they impacted.

Whichever way you look at it, excessive speed, in the wrong conditions can kill or severely injure both pedestrians and other car users alike. And as we all live such fast-paced lives, with an unrelenting urgency for us to get everywhere and do everything as fast as we can, the dangers of speeding are only getting worse, and the consequences more severe.

Finally, the governments of the UK and other EU countries have taken this under their control, and provisionally agreed upon new speed limiting technology becoming mandatory in all new cars sold in Europe from 2022. This will still apply to the UK, regardless of the outcome of Brexit!

The technology is actually called “Intelligent Speed Assistance” (ISA), and is not designed to stop a car from going over the speed limit, but to strongly discourage drivers from doing so.  The system can be overridden in the same way as a cruise control system, by pressing the accelerator. The technology works by using a combination of GPS tracking, digital mapping and video cameras capable of identifying road signs.

The ISA technology itself is less likely to have as big an impact on driver behaviour as the “Big Brother” technology that will go alongside it. Under the new guidelines, cars will also be fitted with compulsory data recorders, or “black boxes”. These will record the speeds and manner of all the vehicle’s movements. So, in the event of an accident, as with aircraft, every event leading up to that accident can be analysed, with nowhere for speeding drivers to hide.

Even though this is a daunting prospect for drivers and the vehicle manufacturers alike, it is being heralded as the biggest leap forward in road safety this century. Insurers are even making noises about being able to reduce premiums as a result, and it is thought that it will significantly reduce the number of deaths on our roads every year. Currently, around 1,700 people are killed on the roads each year, with around 25% of those deaths being attributed to excessive speed.

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