The Weird and Wonderful World of Driving

What a weird and wonderful world we live in, so much so that the following motoring laws are actually real!!


  • Have you ever flashed a fellow motorist to warn them of a speed trap van or an officer holding a speed gun? Essentially this falls under the offence of “obstructing a constable in the execution of his/her duty” and comes with a potential fine of up to £1000.
  • Using your phone to pay for food at a drive thru – Since the mobile phone and driving laws changed earlier this year, you can now be fined £200 and get 6 penalty points for using a hand held phone in the car. This also applies to using your phone to make a contactless payment at a drive-thru.
  • The current traffic law in London states that: Hackney carriages must carry a bale of hay to feed their workhorse. This outdated law was introduced in the Victorian era and still appears in the UK’s driving rule book!


  • In Russia it is illegal to drive a dirty car. Drivers caught with a motor that doesn’t look pristine can land a $38 on the spot fine!!
  • In France, having the speed camera set up on your sat-nav is illegal and can result in a licence confiscation and having your vehicle confiscated.
  • In Germany it is illegal to stop on the Autobahn even if you run out of petrol. The Autobahn is the German highway with no official speed limit so it seems reasonable that they don’t want people to stop there if other drivers could technically go 200mph. If you do stop on the Autobahn however you can land yourself with a ticket and a small fine.
  • Most Brits wouldn’t hesitate to reach for the water bottle and take a guzzle when driving in the UK. Do so in Cyprus however, and you could find yourself with a hefty fine. The country has made it illegal to eat and drink behind the wheel – even in the heat of summer.


  • California has a dress code when it comes to women behind the wheel. It’s actually illegal for a woman to drive wearing a bathrobe.
  • Keep your hands on your own car horn in University City, Missouri. You can be charged if you mess with the horn of someone else’s vehicle unless that person permitted you to do so.
  • Do you consider yourself a neat freak? You’re good to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where it is against the law to store trash in your car.
  • In South Dakota the lowest age restriction on driving is 14 years old! Once they’ve completed a state-approved driver education program, they can apply for a restricted minor’s permit. With that, and having passed the vision, knowledge and driving tests, teens can drive unaccompanied between 6 am and 10 pm with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Rest of the world

  • In Manila, areas within the city have enforced laws called ‘colour coding’. This means on specific days of the week drivers can be fined if they are caught in congested zones, or if their vehicles number plate ends with a certain number. For example it is illegal for vehicles with licence plates ending in 1 or 2 to drive on Monday between 7am and 7pm on most major roads.
  • In Beijing the law protecting pedestrians is much less courteous – so much so that it’s illegal to stop for them.
  • In South Africa animals have the same right to the roads as motorists do. Drivers face heavy fines of up to $500 if they do not slow or stop for passing livestock.
  • Enjoying a beer whilst driving to your destination is actually perfectly legal in Costa Rica! So long as you do not become too intoxicated, authorities turn a blind eye to drivers who drink and drive.


So, although we love to receive photos from you all when you see our trucks on the road, let’s make sure not to break the rules, and only take pictures when you are not driving in the UK.

Get in touch for more information, and let’s remember that the laws in your part of the world may be very different from anywhere else.

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