Film Star Truckers

It would be fantastic to be a celebrity wouldn’t it? The money, the lifestyle, the fame. What more could you ask for?

Being chauffeur driven to the local shops while you relax and sip some champagne. Certainly, the life of riley.

It can be hard to imagine that, once upon a time, celebrities used to lead lives like you or I. You hear of politicians working in the town chippy or soap stars wiping the floorboards rather than treading them but, being a truck driver?


Let us take you back to a happier time where you’re in short trousers with not a care in the world. You’re in the backseat along the motorway where time is slowly creeping along. You’re bored and in need of entertainment so, let’s get a truck driver to beep their horn!

Imagine if the driver was the king of rock and roll, had a particular set of skills, or an MI6 secret agent with code, 007?

Imagine no more! Here are six celebrities that began life behind the steering wheel…

Elvis Presley

Before his turn as superstar musician and film actor making teenage girls weak at the knees with songs such as “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Love me Tender”, the boy from Mississippi began his working career behind the trucker’s wheel. It has been suggested his trademark quiff was styled on the trucker’s hairdo of the day before making it a global fashion craze.

Liam Neeson

The star of “Taken”, “Schindler’s List” and “Michael Collins” amongst others, once began life as a trucker in his native Northern Ireland. He also once worked for Guinness as a forklift truck driver and had aspirations of becoming a boxer until the acting bug bit him and threw him into theatre and being cast in his first major screen role in John Boorman’s “Excalibur”.

Sean Connery

It’s no secret that James Bond himself once used to be a jack of all trades before his acting career took off. The former milkman, labourer, artist’s model and body builder once had a job working as a lorry driver in Scotland before he turned his attention to the big screen. It turned out to be for the best Mish Monnypenny!

Viggo Mortensen

The “Lord of the Rings” and “Eastern Promises” star also had a job working as a long-distance lorry driver in his paternal ancestral homeland of Denmark. After graduating from college in New York, he made the decision to move to Scandinavia and cart shipping containers across Denmark until he turned to acting.

James Cameron

It’s not just actors but directors too. The Oscar winning director of “Titanic” and universally loved films such as “Avatar”, “The Terminator” and “Aliens” used to drive trucks to support his finances whilst being an ambitious yet struggling screen-writer.

Richard Pryor

Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III to be official, had a troubled upbringing but turned to comedy to escape life’s hardships. During this time, and before being enlisted in the US Army, he held a job as a truck driver before making it big as a stand-up comic and eventual film star. He is best remembered on screen with four-time collaborator, Gene Wilder, in films “Silver Streak”, “Stir Crazy” and “See no Evil, Hear no Evil”.


It makes you wonder doesn’t it? It just goes to show that being a truck driver has its benefits.

Perhaps we have a future film star amongst the DrivenMedia midst? Next time you see one of our trucks, imagine if the driver is writing the next Oscar winning epic!

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